“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

― Pablo Picasso

My teaching practice stemmed from my consulting experience as I came to realize how similar the two professions can be. Helping clients understand how to apply new concepts to unique business challenges is ultimately very similar to helping groups of students learn those concepts in the first place. I view teaching as the opportunity to share the “rules” with new audiences; consulting is knowing when to break the rules within specific contexts.

I have had opportunities to teach classes for students of all ages, from young children up through graduate students. Recent courses include:

  • UX Design for technical communicators (graduate course at Portland State University)
    Help students explore the parallels between their technical communication coursework and user experience (UX) design methods, culminating in individual student projects employing standard UX processes, tools, and deliverables
  • LEGO Robotics after-school enrichment class (grades 6–8)
    Provide guidance to middle school students as they complete robotics challenges using LEGO kits and the Mindstorms development environment
  • Modern Art Masters after-school enrichment class (grades 3–5)
    View modern artworks, discuss modern artists’ use of color and form, and create projects inspired by Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, and other styles
  • Caldecott Copycats after-school enrichment class (grades K–2)
    Introduce students to Caldecott Award-winning picture books, discuss what makes the illustrations unique, and then lead them in a related art project

Art classes for adults
I am currently in the early planning stages of creating one-day workshops for adults interested in making their own mixed-media creations. If you are interested or would like to provide any input, please feel free to let me know!