Summer diptych

Summer diptych
Acrylic monotypes from same matrix. Two prints, each 9 x 13″. 2018.
Four Seasons (4-up)
Sampling of acrylic monotypes from the Four Seasons series. Four prints, each 9 x 13″. 2018.

My first foray into printmaking was a series of abstract acrylic monotypes using a Gelli plate. I quickly became enamored with exploring different ways of manipulating the final image by introducing different textures and stencils, as well as by experimenting with the qualities of the paint on the plate. It allows me to bring the same “messy” approach to printmaking that drew me to painting and mixed media in the first place.

I was initially focused simply on color and texture, and the resulting layers I could produce. This led me to create what I call my Four Seasons series, of which these two Summer images are a part. Some of the techniques I played with involved producing a series of “ghosts” (i.e., creating multiple impressions from the same matrix without adding more pigment), applying a fine mist of water to the plate between each impression to prevent the acrylic paint from drying. This resulted in some images, such as the Summer image shown above, that are more suggestive of watercolor than acrylic.

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