Summer into Fall

Mokuhanga woodblock reduction print, edition of 8.



This print and Shell Game were the output of a mokuhanga woodblock printmaking course at Portland Community College. My goals for this particular project were twofold: to incorporate laser cutting in the process, and to experiment with goma zuri (Japanese for “sesame seed,” a technique that results in a dappled color texture). While I still have a lot to learn on both fronts, it was fun to experiment, and the bright colors helped bring some cheer to an otherwise uncertain time. (I created this print right when schools and businesses began shuttering in Portland due to COVID-19.) Using the laser cutter at the PCC Maker Lab was particularly exciting for me because it lent itself well to my existing process, which involves a lot of digital sketching. Once my vector file was all done and everything was aligned, it took all of 40 minutes for the laser to burn the image into my block – slightly faster than I would have been carving out all those tiny lines! As an afterthought, I decided to emboss an additional dandelion tuft into the final prints by laying the still-damp paper rightside-up over one of the tufts on the original printing block.

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