Finding Warmth in the Cold (Diptych)

Acrylic and collage on canvas. If you are interested in purchasing the original diptych, please contact me directly. Note that prints and cards of this piece are digitally edited to present the two panels as a single image.



This diptych was originally envisioned as a springtime tree full of chickadees, inspired by my backyard birdwatching habit I picked up over the pandemic. Unsatisfied with its progress, I set the two canvases aside for over a year before picking them back up and re-envisioning the image as two owls snuggled together, making the most of a dark winter’s night. To me, this captures so much of the experience of these past two years: never knowing exactly when it will be better, or what tomorrow will bring, but finding joy and connection where we can as we navigate through hard times together.

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