Constellations in the Stars

Acrylic, ink, and collage.



My original concept for this piece was to include just one starfish, but that one became two, and then eventually three. It was only later that I came across the clipping I wound up including in the lower left, depicting a bunch of them (a school of starfish? a gaggle?) all intertwined. I was going to carry on my tradition of naming the final piece based on one of the collaged book excerpts, as I had previously done with A Customary Perch, Paradox of the Medusas, and Successful Weeds. But when I was nearly done, happily stippling all the little white dots on each of the starfish, I started thinking about how they looked like a sky full of stars. I didn’t even put the stars/starfish wordplay together at first, but once I did, I of course had to commit to it!

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