Coronal forest view

Coronal forest view
Copper plate etching. 11 x 15″. 2019.

Working on Dainty and whimsical… got me thinking about various cross-sections of nature, which led me to the initial sketches that resulted in this etching. The copper plate endured various techniques, including aquatint (such as the shading in the stones), spitbite (some of the splotchy textures in the stones and the soil), and hardground and drypoint (the trees and roots).

As I worked, I began thinking about how it might be interesting to create the stones as individual tiny plates. (I’m a bit of a packrat and the idea of throwing out those little scraps of copper always kills me, so I love thinking of ways to use them.) I settled on the composition shown here, with the blind-embossed stones breaking up the image. (I had to work up a bit of courage before taking the jigsaw to the full plate! That was slightly harrowing…)

At this point, I consider this image an artist’s proof, because I haven’t quite decided whether I’m ready to edition it. This proof has a subtle two-tone gradient, with the upper tree area featuring a greener hue, progressing down to an earthier brown.

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