Blue windows (I and II)

Blue Windows I and II
Acrylic monotypes from same matrix. Two prints, each 9 x 13″. 2018.

Another pair of acrylic monotypes, the two Blue windows images underscore for me the serendipity that occurs when working with thick layers of acrylic on a Gelli plate. The impression on the right is actually a ghost of the first, revealing some of the pigment that had previously gotten obscured while initially preparing the plate. Traditionally, pigment is applied to the printing plate with a brayer or similar tool in order to achieve a very thin, very uniform layer of color. I confess that I am drawn to the puckering that occurs when heavier layers are applied, so in this case, I went all in with my palette knife. (One of these days I will wind up gashing my poor little Gelli plate, though…)

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