Visual art

I create mostly 2D art that borrows from both traditional and contemporary techniques. I’ve focused on drawing, painting, and digital art most of my life (with occasional forays into ceramics), but more recently I have become mildly obsessed with printmaking.

I tend to use the Texturous Studios moniker when promoting my artwork online and at art festivals. The “studios,” such as they are, are technically a corner of my family room (and, occasionally, pockets of the garage), where I try to contain my mess du jour. On any given day, my work table might be occupied by acrylic paints, toxic-smelling epoxies, my sewing machine, and/or assorted scraps of paper, wood chips, and fabric. I also take advantage of any opportunity I get to play around with a printing press by taking classes at nearby schools like PCC Sylvania and PNCA.

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Art festivals and shows

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Artist’s statement

I use my work as a means of examining our complex relationship with the natural world around us. As humans, we at once treasure nature’s beauty, exploit its resources, and attempt to contain the elements we deem undesirable. I explore some of these contradictions through my creative process, which relies on a mix of planning and serendipity, and my choice of medium, which juxtaposes a reliance on plastic-based acrylics and epoxies with a “zero-waste” ethic of employing found and re-purposed materials.

I typically work in layers, each layer informing and sometimes contradicting the next. When I am struggling with a piece, I continue returning to it – sometimes with a new medium or concept – adding additional layers of information until it feels resolved.