In addition to my art practice, I consult with clients on various topics including customer success programs, service design, user experience design, instructional design, and various other communication challenges.


I’ve had the opportunity to design and teach courses covering various subjects, including visual art, UX design, and robotics, for students from kindergarten through grad school and beyond.

Other ways I keep myself (mostly) out of trouble

Print Day in May is an annual celebration of the global printmaking community, inviting printmakers worldwide to virtually join one another by all printing on the first Saturday of May. This past year I joined the “behind the scenes” Print Day team, where I manage various web projects to make registration and engagement even easier for participants. If you are a fellow printmaker and aren’t already signed up, please consider registering for next year! Learn more at

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I’m a frequent volunteer at the Rental Sales Gallery at the Portland Art Museum. RSG serves a unique role in Portland’s art market, allowing clients to “try on” works through a temporary rental, or to purchase works outright. Volunteering at RSG has been a great opportunity for me to meet other Pacific Northwest artists and art lovers, and to learn firsthand how galleries operate.

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